GeekChew No. 41: Dept. H and Other Things That Don't Suck

The power couple discusses the new Dark Horse on-going series from Matt and Sharlene Kindt, Dept. H. We start the week with our excitement for the season 6 premier of Game of Thrones (3:19) and then move into news about the next Spider-Man movie (8:49). We talk about some new podcasts, an NPR interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates (10:05) and Embedded (12:23). We also watched the first two episodes of the new season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix (14:27). Marvel's Moon Knight #1, written by Jeff Lemire with art by Greg Smallwood, is up next. It was a great debut issue and introduction to the character that we highly recommend (15:53). The Fire Rises documentary about the Nolan Batman movie trilogy (20:20) and another viewing of Batman v. Superman (21:53) quickly followed. Then we dive into "Enough with the Canon," an article from The Atlantic by Asher Albein about the relationship between fans and canon (27:08). Finally, we get to Dept. H #1 and the great start of its locked-room mystery (38:03).  

GeekChew No. 31: Kylo Ren is My Evil Batman

The power couple tries to make it easier to record by basically eliminating format... and research... and cogency. For comics we briefly touch on DareDevil, Pretty Deadly, and the new Spider-Man series. In television the X-Files is back, Legends of Tomorrow has aired a few episodes, and Unreel and The Batchelor are on Charlene's mind a lot. We also talk about superior podcasts like Stuff You Should Know, the Channel 33 podcast network, and The Vertical.

GeekChew No. 20: Mulan: Revelations/Effigy

The power couple discusses the first issue of Dark Horse Comics new series Mulan: Revelations, from creator Robert Alter, writer Marc Andreyko, with art by Micah Kaneshiro. It’s a cyberpunk vision of future China, where a virus threatens a tech-dependent society and it seems only a descendent of the legendary Mulan has the cure. Issue number one does a great job building characters, the future world, and the art is fantastic. We also talk about Effigy, a new series that just wrapped up its first arc, published by Vertigo and written by Tim Seeley with art by Marley Zarcone. We say that there’s a lot going on this book so many times through the pod that it must be true: murders, the occult, gender and societal perception, fame as religion, reality vs. script… seriously, it is a lot.  Charlene’s Notable this week is Framebridge, the custom picture frames and online art framing site from which she ordered a Father’s Day gift. The site is awesome and easy to use, pretty much our only prerequisites. Eamon’s Notable this week was the flurry of Spider-Man news, as the new web-slinger was cast for both Marvel and Sony movies as the studios collaborate to get Spidey just right for many upcoming projects. Also, Charlene refers to a lot of things as “creepy” this week.