vertigo comics

GeekChew No. 70: We Roll in Culture

This week we celebrate 5 years of podcasting! We revisit Quantum & Woody in a throwback to our first episode and discuss the relaunched series, written by Daniel Kibblesmith with art by Kano (3:25). Then we roll into some talk about Deathbed no. 1, a new Vertigo series by Joshua Williamson and Riley Rossmo (11:59). We finish up with the movie Annihilation (18:38). 

GeekChew No. 68: Irony is too Highbrow

This week's episode covers the new Vertigo book Imaginary Fiends, from Tim Seeley and Stephen Molnar (4:28), the Netflix series Dark (11:10), and the latest movie from Paul Thomas Anderson, Phantom Thread (18:11). 

GeekChew No. 20: Mulan: Revelations/Effigy

The power couple discusses the first issue of Dark Horse Comics new series Mulan: Revelations, from creator Robert Alter, writer Marc Andreyko, with art by Micah Kaneshiro. It’s a cyberpunk vision of future China, where a virus threatens a tech-dependent society and it seems only a descendent of the legendary Mulan has the cure. Issue number one does a great job building characters, the future world, and the art is fantastic. We also talk about Effigy, a new series that just wrapped up its first arc, published by Vertigo and written by Tim Seeley with art by Marley Zarcone. We say that there’s a lot going on this book so many times through the pod that it must be true: murders, the occult, gender and societal perception, fame as religion, reality vs. script… seriously, it is a lot.  Charlene’s Notable this week is Framebridge, the custom picture frames and online art framing site from which she ordered a Father’s Day gift. The site is awesome and easy to use, pretty much our only prerequisites. Eamon’s Notable this week was the flurry of Spider-Man news, as the new web-slinger was cast for both Marvel and Sony movies as the studios collaborate to get Spidey just right for many upcoming projects. Also, Charlene refers to a lot of things as “creepy” this week.