The Power Couple


Eamon McCracken

Eamon has been married to Charlene since 2002 and, while they still consider Boston home, has dragged her and their three kids from Massachusetts to Alaska to South Carolina to Texas.  He relies on his wife for book recommendations, trend analysis, tech news and usage, intelligent conversation, feng shui, remembering stuff... basically everything.  His love for comic books and nerdy stuff in general has spanned decades.  The GeekChew podcast and website are products of his addiction to other, better podcasts.    


Charlene McCracken

Charlene is a (age undisclosed) wife and mother of three. Charlene's love of pop culture manifests itself in a less than healthy relationship with Twitter and other forms of digital media. Her love of comics began a little over two years ago when she discovered the amazing range and breadth of storytelling capabilities and she has since become irrevocably addicted to the medium. The GeekChew podcast and website is just one more way for Charlene to feed her insatiable pop culture appetite.