Image Comics

GeekChew No. 50: The 1975 Boob Tube

The power couple returns and is bad at math and can’t talk so good. We kick off episode 50 talking about some of the things we’ve missed over the last few months, then get into the CW’s new show Riverdale (15:45). We also discuss a couple of #1 issues from Image: Curse Words, by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne (20:28), and The Few, by Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman (28:50).

GeekChew No. 40: Cliff-Hanger, Hanging from a Cliff

The power couple talks about the new Black Panther series - from Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze - and the first arc of Black Magick, written by Greg Rucka with art from Nicola Scott. We start this week talking about the new trailer for the next Star Wars movie, Rogue One (2:17). We the jump from Sherlock (7:44) to Brian K. Vaughn's new Twitter account @HeyBKV (8:45) to the end of the Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins series The PastAways (11:24). We also briefly chat about the upcoming sequel to the movie Edge of Tomorrow (12:25) and the final Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 2 (13:32). Then we dive deep on Black Panther (15:43) and Black Magick (24:46).  

GeekChew No. 26: Plutona #1/Lazarus #19/Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra

The power couple discusses the first issue of Plutona, written by Jeff Lemire with art by Emi Lenox. The first issue of a five-part mini-series published by Image Comics, Plutona #1 introduces us to the main characters of the story and offers a startling introduction into a new superhero-inhabited world. From there we move on to Lazarus #19, written by Greg Rucka with art by Michael Lark. We've talked about Lazarus before, but the series just keeps getting better and better and issue nineteen was no exception. And finally, we also really enjoyed the new one-shot from Marvel Comics, Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra. Written by David Mandel with art by Michael Walsh, the book is loaded with humor as it tells the story of a rank and file member of Hydra and the challenges of everyday life - both at work and at home.  

GeekChew No. 21: We Stand On Guard/Archie/7 Days in Hell

The power couple discusses the new book from Image Comics, We Stand On Guard, written by Brian K. Vaughn with art by Steve Skroce. The story is set in Canada, the year 2124, 12 years into a war between the United States and Canada. It's got giant robots, crisp art, lots of action, and an interesting hook: definitely a book worth reading. We also talk about the newly relaunched Archie series, written by Mark Waid with art by Fiona Staples. The talent of the creative team shines as the story pulls you in immediately, making Riverdale feel both fresh and well established for new and old readers alike. Finally, we also hit on HBO's faux sports documentary 7 Days in Hell, starring Adam Samberg and Kit Harrington. This 43 minute mockumentary details a 2001 Wimbledon match that somehow stretches over an entire seven-day span. It is absolutely hilarious. Charlene's Notable this week is Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods, particularly the tenth anniversary full cast audio book edition, which she is listening to for a second time. Eamon's Notable is the NBA free agency (emoji-filled) saga that rocked the Twitter-verse last week. 

GeekChew No. 16: The Flash/Wytches

The power couple discusses the first season of The Flash on the CW. We also talk about the Image Comics series Wytches, written by Scott Snyder with art by JOCK. The outstanding horror series just wrapped up its initial 6-issue arc. Notables this week include some Spider-Gwen apparel from and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

GeekChew No. 13: Chrononauts/Daredevil

The power couple is back after a long hiatus with episode 13 of GeekChew! We talk about Chrononauts, the new Image Comics series from writer Mark Millar and artist Sean Murphy. We also discuss the first four episodes of the new Daredevil series from Netflix.  Then we close out with our Notables, from the X-Files to Cadbury chocolate. 

GeekChew No. 11: HeroesCon/Sex Criminals/Outcast

Episode 11 is here and full of great stuff.  We took our first-ever trip to HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC.  We talk a lot about our experiences there meeting a lot of awesome creators and going to some really good panels.  We also dive into one of our favorite books out there right now, Sex Criminals, which is published by Image Comics and written by Matt Fraction, with art by Chip Zdarsky.  Also, Robert Kirkman's new Image title Outcast just came out and we talk about the first issue, which is filled with excellent/creepy art from Paul Azaceta.  As always, this episode is also up on iTunes and Stitcher.  Enjoy!